The Importance of the Cover Crop Seed in Organic Farming

Organic farming is sustainable, profitable and healthy. Organic food gives consumers a nutritious and ethical alternative to the products of industrial agriculture.

Organic farming involves using natural fertilizers such as cover crops (also known as “green manure”) and compost manure. Farmers also use techniques like companion planting, mixed planting, crop rotation and biological pest control to produce the best crops.


Cover crop seed helps nurture soil in a variety of ways. The biggest benefits of using green manure or cover crops include:

• Inhibits soil erosion by water and wind – When a piece of farmland is left bare, it is vulnerable to water and wind erosion. The roots of cover crops hold the soil in place and keep it from getting washed or blown away. They protect the rich topsoil and prevent the compaction of the soil underneath.

• They add organic matter to the soil – The matter from organic crops enhances the soil in which it is planted. It provides the soil with essential nutrients, maintains its moisture and stimulates the microorganisms living within it.

• They aerate the soil- The roots of cover crops support the soil’s structure. The pores made by cover crops’ roots allow aeration of the soil and moisture percolation. The roots also create a passage through which essential microorganisms can move into the soil.

• They suppress the growth of weeds – Cover crops are sometimes called “living mulches” because of their tendency to suppress the growth of weeds. The leaves of cover crops act as a shade which prevents weeds from photosynthesizing. Also, their roots give weeds less room to grow and fewer nutrients.

• They add nitrogen to the soil – Cover crops provide the soil with nutrients like nitrogen which are essential for plant growth. Legumes like clover are a perfect example: Their root nodules contain certain bacteria which help maintain the level of nitrogen in soil. This extra nitrogen will nourish the crops which are planted after the cover crop.

• They maintain the soil’s moisture – Cover crops cover the soil and prevent water inside it from evaporating. Also, their roots provide moisture to the soil layer underneath the topsoil.

To give soils all the benefits listed above, farmers need high-quality cover crops from a reliable source. Forage Complete offers the best cover crops, including sweet mustard, rocket lettuce and alfalfa seed. The company delivers the superior genetics standards in the seed industry.

About Forage Complete:

Forage Complete is a top supplier of NuTech seed as well as organic forage seed products and cover crops. With innovative genetic technology and intense research and testing, Forage Complete delivers the finest seeds available anywhere.

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